Mentor Clinton County (formerly known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clinton)
Mentor Clinton County (formerly known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clinton)

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"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them."
Earvin "Magic" Johnson



  • Who are the mentors in the program?
    • Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds just like our Littles. They are regular people, just like you. You don’t need any special degrees or job skills. You just have to want to positively impact a young person. Role models come in all shapes and sizes, and you could be a perfect fit!
  • What is the time commitment for being a mentor?
    • In order to create a sustainable relationship with a child, you must commit to at least one year meeting for approximately four hours a month (totaling 48 hours for the year). In Community-Based we ask that you meet at least twice a month for a total of four hours. 
  • When can I see my child?
    • you decide together what you want to do and then communicate withe the child's parent to get approval. We recommend that you keep a consistent schedule of outings and get together on a regular basis. Until your relationship is established the outings will also depend on the comfort level of the child's parents, the child and you.
  • How much money should I spend?
    • The quality of time invested with your Little is more important than the amount of money you spend. That’s why we don’t encourage spending a lot of money on your outings. The goal of the relationship is to help him see the world through a different lens so you can inspire him to become something he never thought possible. If you are going to spend money, we encourage you to seek out low-cost activities, especially in the beginning. Shoot hoops at a local park, play a game together, or share that pizza that you were going to have for lunch anyway. 
  • Can I bring my spouse, friend, or family member on outings?
    • In the beginning it’s important for you and the child to get to know each other. This can happen best on a one-to-one basis. However, over time it’s also valuable for the child to get to know the people who are important to you. Just keep in mind that if you’re spending lots of time with others, the child may begin to feel jealous or neglected. The main focus is the friendship you develop with the child and the impact you have on his life.
  • What are some ideas for outings?
    • Share an activity that gives you something in common to talk about. Buy a comic book to read together. Play a board game. Hit a bucket of golf balls at the local driving range. Take a ride in the car with the radio on and talk about the music you like. You want to select activities that give each of you a chance to learn more about one another. For children, playing can be learning. Most important: keep it simple and enjoy yourselves! We also send out a monthly newsletter with different activity ideas you and the child can do together.
  • Will I become a replacement parent?
    • NO! the children have a parent or guardian in their life already. What they need is a mentor to spend quality, one-on-one time with them. Someone to have fun with, someone they can confide in, someone like you! 

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