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Mentor Clinton County, Inc.

Community-Based Program

Formally known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clinton, Mentor Clinton County has been a mentoring agency for over 35 years in the Clinton area. Our experienced approach to recruiting, screening, matching and supporting relationships has resulted in many lasting relationships, and helped change the lives of young people in our area. 


A study on the effects of mentoring found that kids matched with a mentor: 

  • Are more confident
  • Are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol 
  • Do better in school 
  • Get along better with their family and friends
  • Feel better about themselves. 


We work closely with parents because their input is important. Not only do they provide information about the child's strngths and needs in the interview, but they approve the selection of the mentor their child is matched with. Parents remain closely involved in several key ways once the match is made. 


Mentor Clinton County conducts a thorough background check on every volunteer in our mentoring programs and every match is regularly reviewed by a Program Specialist. 


Community-Based Mentoring is the traditional mentoring relationship in our agency. It's all about one-on-one time spent with the mentor and the young person doing things they enjoy - a few hours weekly or just a couple times a month filled with shared interests and activities. 

The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of mentors and young people in different kinds of situations. Some mentors meet their mentee on the weekend, some meet after school. There's almost no one so busy that they can't find a way to fit a few hours a month to be a mentor. 


Once matched, mentors develop friendships with their mentee. Whether playing a computer game or simply hanging out - mentors bring magic into the life of a child. It's that simple. 


Community-based matches are flexible and will fit your busy schedule. Mentor's and their mentee may hang out at the mentors home, or in the commmunity. They might cook meals, play games, go to museums, sports events, movies, and more. It's up to them what activities they want to do. 


Each match is supported by professional staff at Mentor Clinton County. Program Specialist regularly check in with mentors, mentees, parents and are always available to answer questions. 

Regular events are held in our community, giving an opportunity to meet other mentors and children in our area. 


All mentors and mentees go through an application and interview process. 

At the mentess interview, the child and parent will both be interviewed. 

The mentors will be interviewed, along with background and reference checks completed. 


Mentees in our program can be anywhere from the age of 6-17 (or until they graduate high school). 

Mentors in our program need to be 18 and older and have a valid drivers license. 


Please contact us today to learn more about how to become a Mentor, or how to enroll your child in the program! 

Make a difference in the life of a child today.

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