2018 Big of the Year

The 2018 Big Sister of the year is Jodi Specht.  As an elementary school teacher for many years, Jodi has a daily impact on young lives.  She is so dedicated to making a difference that she has also been a Big Sister for the past twelve years.  Jodi was matched with Stephanie in 2006 and remained a match until Stephanie graduated from high school in 2017.  Jodi told me she thought about being a big for at least six years before taking the leap and feels that her match with Stephanie is perfect.

While she and Stephanie have gone places like concerts and a Globetrotters game, her favorite memories are finding things on Pinterest and trying them out.  Some of the baking and crafting experiences haven’t turned out quite right, but those are some of the best memories.  Jodi enjoyed watching Stephanie grow up.  Jodi has no children, so getting to be the “fun Mom” was one of the best parts for her.

When talking to Stephanie about her experience, she said can’t find the words to express how much of an impact Jodi has had on her life.  Stephanie says “What I really like about Jodi is that she has really motivated and pushed me through college and she has really shown me that being independent and successful is possible. Jodi has also taken the time to introduce me to her friends and family as I do the same and I think that is very important. Once I am out of college, I do want to be a Big Sister in the program and I hope to be as great of a role model as Jodi was to me. “

      2017 Big of the Year 

In 1982, a Help Wanted ad seeking mentors was placed in the Clinton Herald. Peggy Fisher saw the intriguing ad & knew she wanted to help. Peggy called the number to learn more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. It was a slow process at first, but once she was matched, she & Jessica were the 2nd match in Clinton. Peggy & Jessica were matched for 5 years & formed a great friendship. After bring matches with Jessica, she was matched for a short time with Little Sister, Holly. Peggy enjoyed the experience so much that she has been a Big Sister ever since! Peggy has had 4 Little Sisters over the past 30+ years, exuding her willingness to make a difference in the lives of her Little Sisters.


Peggy Fisher has been described as cheerful, positive, patient, sincere, nonjudgmental, reliable, & happy. Michelle, former Little Sister, credits Peggy for helping her succeed in life & always being there for her! They were matched when Michelle was just 5 years old. Whether it was going over spelling words over the phone together, finding fun ways to spending time with one another, or Peggy helping Michelle with her aspirations of college, Peggy was always there. Peggy’s recent Little Sister, Emily, says that she, too, was matched with Peggy at 5 years old. Emily says that there is never a dull moment when Peggy is around & they have enjoyed going to the movies, trying new restaurants, & that Peggy always gives the best advice. Both, Michelle & Emily agree that they have been honored to be Peggy’s Little Sisters & give her much credit to who they are today through Peggy’s guidance & friendship. (Picture above is Michelle & Emily with Peggy when she got married in 2015!)


Peggy’s supportive & caring nature has had a significant impact on the lives of her Little Sisters. BBBS of Clinton has been blessed with her continual commitment & with that, Congratulations to Peggy Fisher- BBBS of Clinton’s Big of the Year 2017! This award is well-deserved & applauded by our Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers, & Community!

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